We are a family of five who set out to live out our dad's dream to start our own Filipino bakery and introduce the comforts and joy of traditional Filipino baked goods.  

Golden Bakeshop is a sweet and savory bakery that strives to capture the nostalgic feeling that most Filipinos will recognize as "just like back home."  While at the same, our aim is to introduce the delicious flavors of Filipino baked goods to the masses.  


Our dad, Vic, is the master baker. At the helm of the production is our mother, Mel, and the three of us make sure that the day-to-day tasks are done.

The love and passion for baking run deep in our family tree. Vic learned how to bake when he was only a teenager, working as an assistant for his older brother. In the years that would follow, Vic successfully started his first bakery in Manila, with his wife, Mel. When the time came, he migrated with his family to Dubai where he was the master baker for a local Arab bakery for over 10 years.  

In 1997, our family moved to Canada where our parents dreamed of a brighter future for our family by working in the manufacturing industry. All the while, Vic still held onto his dream of working in a bakery again someday.


In 2008, at the turn of the economic recession and the closure of many manufacturing companies, Vic and Mel decided to try their fate and finally start their own Filipino bakery. 

Fast forward over a decade later and, with the help of God, we have successfully opened one location and are currently distributing our products to over 80 supermarkets across Canada. 

We are a family of five, who, initially, set out to live out our dad's dream. Over a decade later--of working, struggling, and succeeding together--it has become our dream, too.